Skype on Ubuntu 8.10: microphone and internal speaker issues

It has been a long time since my last post… Also, it has been some time I managed live without a PC and Internet. Now I have a PC and Internet again and I took the chance to immediately install Linux!

Updated: I also solved the issue of skype consuming 100% cpu during a call.

Although the Ubuntu Guide has a good description how to install Skype on Ubuntu Intrepid, it can be quite challenging to place a call successfully. Shame on Gnome, Pulse Audio and Skype! I had to overcome following issues:

  • No audio on skype, or Skype complaining that sound device does not work.
  • No microphone input during calls.
  • Call also audible from the internal speaker (even when headset is connected to the green audio jack).
  • Skype consuming 100% cpu during the call and Skype delaying audio over 60 seconds!

Here is the solution that worked for me.

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