Ubuntu 9.04: Skype issues

This article addresses an issue similar to another that I have already adressed for Ubuntu 8.04: How to correctly configure Skype on Ubuntu 9.04.

First, I assume that Skype was installed from midibuntu.org repositories.

Issue 1: Speakers do not work.

The first required configuration change is setting Skype to use Pulse Audio Support instead of default (ALSA) sound drivers. Go to Skype->Options->Audio Devices. Select “pulse” for all audio devices.

I also recommend to disable an option like “Allow Skype to automatically adjust mixer levels” for this first moment. While this option was enabled, I have experienced Skype undoing the correct configuration and turning off my microphone volume before each call . After you manage to have Skype working fine, then you may enable this option again to see if Skype continues working fine :-)

Issue 2: Voice gets delayed or cut.

There is a known issue where Skype overloads CPU while the microphone records from the Pulse Audio Support. Voice gets heavily delayed (eg. more than 60 seconds). You need to switch the microphone device to another but not “pulse” nor “alsa”. Try selecting the entry that describes your microphone hardware. You may need to take several tries until you find out the device that really maps to your microphone. Fortunately, you can play around during a test call, if you always press the “apply” button. On my desktop, the correct option is called “Intel ICH5 (hw:ICH5,0)”.

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  1. Charles says:

    You are a cool guy, thanks a lot.

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