Create a front page for WordPress that does not show up twice

Note: I think this is not an issue anymore, since WordPress finally created the “menu” design feature. There is no need anymore to create front pages to show content as tabs at the top of the page. The “menu” feature works better than front pages.

Several people wonder how to configure WordPress to show ones own page when opening the blog (also called front page). There are instructions on wordpress support.

If the theme of your blog happens to show your front page twice (duplicated front page), then you will need to adopt a workaround, as I will discuss.

The expected solution: As explained on WordPress support, create your own front page and another empty page. Go to Settings->Reading, select “A static page”, set yout page as the “Front page” and the empty page as the “Posts page”.

The Bug: WordPress will show all top level pages (that have no parent) and both pages chosen at Settings->Reading->A static page. Your homepage satisfies both criteria, therefore it is added twice. Blame WordPress, this has not been fixed for years!

The ugly workaround: Back to your pages, edit your front page. At the attributes you will find a combo to set the “Parent page”. Select any other page, eg. your empty blog page and save the changes. This will mess up the hierarchy of your pages, but that is the price you pay for the workaround.

3 Responses to Create a front page for WordPress that does not show up twice

  1. Ray says:

    I’m having this exact problem. I have attempted to make the changes you suggest but still get the same problem. Can you help.

  2. jennbmackay says:

    This worked for me. I had to replace my header after I changed the parent page. Other than that it worked beautifully. Thanks!

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