Eclipse subversive plugins frustrate me every day…

Please apologize, but I really need to expose my anger to the subversive plugins. The statement on Subversive – SVN Team Provider that “At the same time project is stable and had a long history on the previous location at the the” is really a very bad joke.

I have been using svn projects on eclipse for about 6 years and always praised this combination. It was a pleasure to see polairon plugins providing a better integration over time. Unfortunately, since the subversion plugins have been available on eclipse repositories, I cannot anymore talk any good word about subversive.

Nealy every refactoring more complex than renaming a class break my workspace that will not synchronize anymore. I cannot safely rename directories, recursively delete files, organize resources or move things around. I cannot do most of the operations that I was used to on previous svn plugins for eclipse.

I have seen many excuses trying to justify why the subversive plugins fail that often. To keep it short, most of them did not convince me. All those operations worked well when calling svn on command line or when I use another svn client.

Subversion made our project waste so much time that it was worth porting our current eclipse projects to netbeans, which is able to handle the refactorings with out breaking the svn working copy. Not that we like netbeans, but it does the svn job.

In my opinion, subversion is still too much immature to be offered in eclipse official repositories.

Again, please apologize for these hard words. It is not my intention to offend any member of subversive . But there are still too many issues to be addressed.


3 Responses to Eclipse subversive plugins frustrate me every day…

  1. Chris says:

    Yesterday Subversive bit me rather badly when I used the Eclipse refactoring operation “move” to move a folder from a SVN project to a non-SVN project. It completely did the wrong thing; failed to execute the proper SVN command to delete the folder from the controlled workspace, and preserved the .svn subfolders in the copy it dropped in the non-controlled workspace. For the record I am using Eclipse Helios SR2 with Subversive 0.7.9.I20110207-1700. At this point I think the Eclipse project should revoke the “incubation” status and set it back to “raw”. I am going back to Subclipse.

  2. Bernd says:

    Oh man, I know what you’re talking about!

    We migrated with a bunch of eclipse pugins (~300) from CVS to SVN… since that everything became worse…

    Among other things, we have exactly the same problems like you:

    – Rename, move and even remove refactorings became nearly unusable (for the reasons you’ve already mentioned)
    – Unacceptable slow label decorations (after fixing/breaking a Java file it needs nearly 1 minute until the error marker occurs/disappears)
    – from time to time some files are “forgotten” on checkout and you won’t get them until you’ll delete the projects and check it out again

    I tried both, Subversive and Sublice… In my experience, both have almost exactly the same problems.

    Meanwhile I wish back the good old times where we used CVS…

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