Eclipse Subversive does not frustrate me anymore… Now I use EGit!

A considerably time ago, I wrote down my frustration on using the Eclipse Subversive Plugin. At that time, I was annoyed just because refactoring did not work properly. Now, Subversive has gone worse.

SVN itself does a good job tracking history of moved and copied files, even if directories are moved or renamed. By 2009, the Subversive plugin stopped supporting this features and a simple directory rearrangements may now lead your local copy to an irreversible inconsistent state.

Since then, people were tired of gathering Subversion plugins and dependencies over several repositories. But why using Eclipse central repository, if you can reinvent the default install procedure? Subversion is now able to add automatically the repositories and gather dependencies for you. The hack, however, works only once. If you are required to reinstall Subversion, then it might be easier to reinstall whole Eclipse.

Subversion introduced potentially useful keyboard shortcuts that never worked. And staying for weeks on the same workspace is not recommended: label decorators will eventually disappear until you reset all your preferences in your workspace. People used to carry their ‘portable’ workspace with them will notice that suddenly Subversion suddenly stops recognizing SVN projects checked out by it.

Meanwhile, there has been increasing network concerns. Subversion does not follow proxy configuration from Eclipse preferences. Recently, connections over SSH started to fail randomly, leaving incomplete and inconsistent checkouts.

Faced by all that many ‘challenges’, I found myself wondering about the benefits to continue with Subversive. A trial with with EGit (Eclipse Git Plugin) was smooth and pleasurable. I do not have to tell that I moved all my repositories to Git.

I still like SVN, although I already consider it an ‘aged’ technology. There are many nice tools that work well with SVN. However, I cannot recommend Subversive anymore if you want to make good use of Eclipse+Java+SVN . Instead, Eclipse+Java+Git are an appealing trade off for those looking for simplicity, power and productivity. Just install the EGit plugin.

One Response to Eclipse Subversive does not frustrate me anymore… Now I use EGit!

  1. Gustavo says:

    Normally I have no problems when using svn along with eclipse, however recently I installed gentoo on my brand new sansung and got a annoying applet from gnome bugging me with some keyring authentication, and almost no documentation of how to disable it. Cool! It got used to cancel the pop-up and so.. but when it came the day to use svn for a school project, SURPRISE! from nothing mister keyring appeared and no popups for me to cancel or validate. I have no idea of how I turned this off, but it works right now. Funny how those things work just perfect on command line and “eh, humpf” on visual applications. Good post, will consider moving to git on next java project!

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