Copying from Git to Clearcase

This article is about my recent open source project, git-to-clearcase.

There are many old-fashioned IT business that still believe on Clearcase as their software configuration management.

I experienced that Clearcase imposes an extremely complex versioning model, is poorly supported on major IDEs and lacks some elementary features, like simple file undelete. Everything is complicated and slow on Clearcase and crashes happen frequently. Even worse, Clearcase completely fails to support some modern trends, like agile development, lean infrastructure, incremental design and refactoring.

GIT might be the solution we are looking for. It is free, simple, portable, fast, reliable, flexible. It does not require a central server. It is able to instantly track very complex refactorings and makes our work amusing again.

There are only few solutions on the web to drive your code from GIT repositories to Clearcase VOBs. Thus, as a real software guy, I decided to write my own open source solution: Git-To-Clearcase. After one year maturing, I think that its 1.2 version is working well to deserve a try.